Whitsunday Seafood Bar

Whitsunday Coast

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Whitsunday Seafood Bar

The Whitsunday Seafood Bar is known for its fresh and delicious fish and chips, grilled seafood and tasty burgers. Enjoy the catch of the day with an amazing view of the waterfront. The service is always attentive and friendly and prices are reasonable.


Seafood reigns supreme at the Whitsundays along with the traditional fare of steaks, pizzas and a variety of international cuisine. Enjoy the mouth-watering fresh food and wine while soaking in the gorgeous surroundings which is a big part of the Whitsundays experience. In Airlie Beach you will find a vast array of cuisines from five star restaurants to more simple establishments such as fish and chips on the beach. You will for sure find your favourite restaurant since there are restaurants catering to every taste here, be it fresh local seafood, Mexican, Italian, Moroccan, Asian, European or modern Australian, you will find it all here at the beautiful Whitsunday Coast.